ACE Transport offers



  • Engine (Jake) Brake

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Advertised Horsepower

All parts used are genuine CAT parts. Software used for injector balancing and determining ECM numbers is CAT. EES tune-ups are dyno proven - no guesswork involved.

Your company wants this tune-up performed on your trucks because it can give you at least a gallon-per-mileage increase, PLUS the actual horsepower will match what the engine is rated because it is more efficient. Instead of running 3.5 mpg, your trucks will see 4.5 mpg or better. The annual fuel savings make it very clear that all of your trucks will benefit from these tune-ups.

  • Injector balancing through trim codes equating to a smoother engine

  • Correct ECM numbers through the personality module ECM numbers give optimum power and torque curve

  • Flowed fuel pump and pressure release valve give the right volume and pressure to supply the engine with fuel

  • Fuel sensor resistor chip gives crisp throttle response with no lag time


For CAT "E Model" & ACERT Tier 1 & Tier 2 Engines



EES tune-ups include:

“I’ve NEVER had an engine run as smooth as after the EES tune up and I picked up at least 1/2 mile per gallon increase."

Wayne Schlaht

26 year trucking industry veteran
Former Service Manager for Western Peterbilt

The EES tune up “increased my fuel mileage and also gave me more staying power on the hills pulling heavy loads. I’ve really enjoyed the difference it made.”

Cary Hall
Owner, Hall Alaskan Transportation
Former Ice Road Trucker

“Definiately made it run better"

Mike Farmer

Owner / Operator

Most importantly, Engine Efficiency Services do not compromise the engine warranty!