Ever since he can remember all Henry Minich has wanted to do was move big stuff.


Starting at age 10 he worked as a “gofer” for his dad, then advanced to a Mechanics Helper, moved up to Swamper and continued on to rig-up truck, equipment operator and tractor trailer driver. As a teenager he helped move drill rigs and drilling equipment on and off barges, lowboys, hercs, rolligons and trucks all over Alaska for Oilfield Transport.  He’s hauled fright and heavy loads in every imaginable configuration, on dirt, pavement and ice roads, up and down the Dalton Highway from Anchorage to Valdez, Kenai, Haines, and Edmonton, Canada.

And since 2003 when he started Ace Transport, Henry has made countless moves of oversized equipment, rigs and even an elephant for the Alaska Zoo. 


With a current Alaska CDL with Doubles, Triples, Tankers and Hazardous Materials endorsements, there’s not much Henry can’t move, and fewer places that he can’t go.